Thursday, 6 October 2011

UK Revit Register

When it was set up in 2009 the idea of the UK Revit Register was to enable users and companies using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP to find other users and companies also using Revit based products in their region so that they can collaborate with them on schemes using a common program. That objective is still true today.

It’s was also hoped that the register might promote some regional banding of individuals that may want to meet down the local public house or visit each others offices when they found out that they are not the only Revit user in the village.

At the time I set up the register I said "You never know, if enough people respond, perhaps Regional User Groups may form around the UK." Well we did and we have, it all started with David Light, Carl Collins and I gathering others we knew and forming LRUG the London Revit User Group. other groups have formed as a result of the register and these can all be found here on a map

The Register still has a role to play as you will see from the map that there are still areas where user groups need to form. So if you are tucked away in Wales, The Lake District or any other location remote from an existing group, then register and let others know they are not the only Revit user in the village.

Please email me with your details if you would like to be added to the Register

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